About M.A.W. 


Manu Ajamu Williams was born on October 14, 1977 on the South Side of Chicago. Manu aka Big Zo or Shaq was always the life of the party. He stood 6 ft 2 with 300 lbs of muscle and a heart of gold. He always made people smile and laugh and would literally give you the shirt off of his back. 


On September 28, 2014 Manu went home to be with our heavenly father. Manu passed away of a pulmonary embolism / blood clot which entered his heart. He was only 36 years young. 


Manu loved looking fresh and clean at parties, dining and video games. That is why we host events. We want to celebrate Manu's life, engage people on the dangers of blood clots & save lives. 


Proceeds of MAW Charity Events go to 501-C3 charities that focuses on reducing the number of people impacted by blood clotting disorders.​

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