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Repeated success in developing personalized market strategies to drive company performance and increase market penetration. Effectively understanding how to utilize data science, analyze trends, and create business models to increase the company’s visibility across in-store, digital, mobile, and social media platforms. Ability to lead cross-functional project teams and forge solid relationships with partners and vendors. 




Teaser Video 

M.A.W. Charity Events 


​On September 28, 2014 I lost the love of my life, Manu Ajamu Williams to a blood clot. He was only 36 years young. 

I founded M.A.W. in 2015 to educate people about the dangers of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms through events.


Each year I host (1) event  in the Chicago area. 100% of the proceeds benefit (1) official 501-C3 blood clotting disorder charity. 

2016 Video Game Tournament 

- 3,200,000 Impressions (Chicago - Men 18-44) 

- 140 Gamers (SOLD OUT EVENT) 

- 1,500 Online Gamers (Twitch) 

- Licensing Rights from Capcom Street Fighter V 

- Major Sponsors: Dark Matter Coffee, Chiropractic Chicago, Game Stop, Subway, PC Gamer, Rush Hospital, Northwestern Hospital, C2E2, Combo Breakers, and more 

- Proceeds Benefited Clot Care 

Directed, Managed, & Funded all aspects of this promotion including: business development, sponsors/partners/charity alignment, digital and traditional marketing, legal approvals, speaking engagements, full event management, customer service, and accounting, financials, collecting metrics & optimizations  


TOTAL: 3,200,000 Impressions (Chicago - Men 18-44)


- 1,000,000 Impressions through Paid Facebook

- 400,000 Impressions through Paid You Tube Ads

- 500,000 SEM Google Ads (Chicago) 

- 100,000 Direct Mailers (Gamers in Chicago) 

- 1,200,000 Sponsorship Marketing (co-branding) 

Event Details  

Influencing the influencer was the main component to the success of this event 


Event taped live on Twitch  (see left) 

The objective was to exceed the expectations of the gaming community while promoting a PSA about the dangers of blood clots while raising money for Clot Care (official 501 C3 blood clot charity) 

Organized the 2015 Stop the Clot Chicago 5K Race at Montrose Beach in loving memory of  "Shaq" aka Manu A. Williams 

- 900,000 Impressions (Chicago - Women 25-54) 

- 300 Racers | 60 Volunteers 

- 1,200  Unique Facebook Followers 

- Organic SEO "blood clot race" 1st page on Google 

- Major Sponsors/Supporters: Road Runner Sports, Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy, Ferarra Candy Company, University of IL Hospitals,  Baby Cakes Pancakes, Popular Greetings,  Johnson and Johnson (Xarelto),  Jason's Deli, Orange Theory Fitness, State Farm,  Papa Rays' Pizza, & Target 

- Proceeds allowed us to buy a headstone for Manu, and the surplus was given to theThe Natl' Blood Clot Alliance in loving Memory of Manu 


TOTAL: 900,000 Impressions (Chicago Women 25-54) 

400,000 Organic Impressions (FREE Racing Sites) 

100,000 Paid SEM 

300,000 Paid Display (.com/mobile display) 

100,000 eMail (Co-Branded, & eVite) 

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDED:  Building the website, obtaining business partners and sponsors, driving the marketing campaign (digital, mobile and traditional), collecting donations on behalf of the Natl' Blood Clot Alliance, securing vendors, drafting legal documents for both B2B and B2C, setting up the 5K race with the city of Chicago, obtaining all proper permits and permissions, setting up the race course, working with Active to market the race in Chicago, Paid marketing support, customer service, graphic design of the marketing assets, day to day functions for execution, budget allocation, B2B and B2C client and customer service and full execution of the entire event 

Sears holdings 


Providing executive-level leadership, focused on increasing market penetration across

500+ stores across the US.


Development and management of high profile, multi-channel marketing campaigns, which reach unique targeted audiences with custom user-experiences using internal data, 3rd party data, data science and

15+ years of experience, passion and marketing insights. 


Hold full responsibility for refocusing the Sears Moving Assistant business’ marketing strategy to match in-house data with predictive modeling, data science & insights to forecast behavior to build custom marketing experiences to drive sales. 

  • Spearheading a  "NEW" high profile marketing campaign focused on moving "demographic" 

  • Provide weekly reports, KPIs, timelines and status checks to senior leadership each week 

  • Manage the marketing budget, drive the entire marketing strategy including target strategy and marketing mix 

  • Re- branded the Moving Assist. program

  • Execute marketing across 11 different marketing channels and optimize results

  • Work hand-in-hand with the online team to build the  best end-to-end UX with using weekly metrics 

  • Weekly analytics TBs with data scientists & analytics teams to find insights and execute into action in real time 

Metrics as of Q3* maximizing a $150,000 media budget: 

  • Increased in store visits by 11% 

  • Increased online/mobile visits by 484%

  • Garnered over 90M overall impressions (across the US)

  • Identified (2) key moving markets based on test/control group in Chicago and Los Angeles

    • (approved for additional funding opportunities in Q4) 

  • Overall campaign drove 3-5% in incremental sales WOW through Oct 31, 2018 (90 day campaign)  

Leading a "NEW" Sears Moving Business with a  $150,000 budget

- Objective: Awareness/Consideration of the NEW Sears' Moving Services (Feb 2018 - Current) 

- Optimization: Utilizing existing resources to stretch $150,000 budget to obtain over $1,000,000 in media value to reach as many customers as possible 

- Responsible for the marketing P&L including: Managing the overall marketing & creative strategy, aligning expectations with senior leadership & obtaining approvals, building "NEW" target markets based on data science, forecasting, and insights, developing new marketing channel mixes through unique "OWNED" media marketing and SEO optimizations in real time,  developing "New" co-branded style guide, wrapping company fleet of vehicles with Sears Moving Assistant branding, & aggressive media negotiations to squeeze every penny for the best ROI 

- Target: "Movers",  18-64, HH Income $55K+/YR 

- Owned Channels:  DM,  EM, SEO, Sears' FB/Twitter 

- Paid Channels: PR, Broadcast, Paid Facebook 

Examples to the LEFT: 

- Windy City Live Campaign | ABC 7 

- Official Kick Off Video for Sears' Moving Services 

- Sears' Facebook/Twitter Post 

- Movers Display Banner Ad

Campaign Metrics as of Q3 2018 

- 97,000,000 Impressions 

- 18,000 (new visits)  to 

- 6,400 (incremental)  in-store visits 

- $6,300,000 in online/offline sales 

- Top Business Units: Appliances, Tools, Mattresses 


Managed small teams up to eight direct reports, oversaw all marketing strategies related to the channel mix & media spend, and directed all creative design & day-to-day execution, related to specific co-branded promotions.


Responsible for P & L of special projects, responsible for scorecard development/measurement, shared results with senior leaders on weekly basis (including board of directors and chairman), requested additional funding (when necessary for optimization). Worked with data scientists and analytics for data mining to find gaps. Measured full campaign results in relation to company growth and objectives. Analyzed and forecasted sales pipeline and revenues based on marketing initiatives & special projects.  


  • B2C: Acquired over 29M unique visitors and 1.2B visits to the company’s Shop Your Way Sweepstakes platform over an 18-month period using in-flight media, guerrilla marketing campaigns, and convergent deal placements with Warner Brothers (Ellen), ION, ABC-Disney, CBS, and NBC Universal.   

  • B2B: Secured 22 new business partnerships and sponsors to build additional 1:1 engagement, for both value and retention with the Shop Your Way® loyalty member base including Bose, Volvo and Nissan.   

Directed a $7,600,000 NBA Activation


- Objective: Consideration Campaign to increase Sears' consumer  data  with a Sears sponsorship & Sweepstakes 

- Responsibilities Included: Building financial pro formas and obtaining approvals, presented concept to senior leaders, frequent media negotiations, responsible for overall  day-to-day execution between Sears/ the NBA and TNT 

- Target: "NBA Fans", Men 18-54 & Sweeps players 

- Owned Channels:  EM,  .com, Sears' You Tube 

- Paid Channels: Broadcast (TNT), Rich Media Ads on, Takeover Display, Pre-Roll, PR, Print, Local news/print media & event placement 

Examples to the LEFT: 

- NBA Sears Shooting Stars Campaign 

Campaign Metrics

- 6,700,000 Impressions 

- 8%  increase incremental sales WOW 

- 100,000 entries to the Sears Sweeps 

- 2,400,000 new data points 

- Top Business Units:  Tools, Electronics, Mens Clothes

- Sweeps winner presented trophy LIVE on TNT  

Designed the 1st  B2B/B2C  foodie ecosystem on within a $1,700,000 budget 

- Objective: Consideration Campaign to increase Sears' consumer  data  with a Sears sponsorship & Sweepstakes 

- Responsible for entire activation including media spend & negotiations, senior leader approvals strategy, co-branded look and feel, & execution with the Kenmore brand team & Scripps Network for legal approvals, event management & overall day-to-day execution.


Managed all content and product messaging with merchant teams to promote deals/discounts on specific Kenmore appliance brands by SKU as well as feature the most favorable features in marketing efforts on data/browse/search such as​ key features and specs 

- Target: Chicago Sandwich Restaurants & Foodies 

- Owned Channels:  EM,  SMS, App, .com & video  

- Paid Channels: Broadcast (TV) Travel Channel

Examples to the LEFT: 

- Full Video of the Campaign Elements

- eMail design (Kenmore) 

- Promotional Offer Creative 

Campaign Metrics

- 5,100,000  Impressions (Chicago) 

- 980,000 Clicks to the Kenmore Foodie (page) 

- 50,000 Engaged Members 2+ min spent on the page

- $22% lift or 4,200,000 incremental sales lift YOY 

Event Metrics 

- 3,200 Restaurants/Sandwich Shops Participated 

- 120,000 Chicagoans voted on the top Sandwich 

- 140 Chicagoans attended the event (full capacity)

- 29,000 viewed the event LIVE (Nationwide) 

- $2,500,000 negotiated in extra media

(including Adam Richmond flying to Chicago as a co-host at the event) 

Established Powerful B2B Partnerships 

- Instrumental in securing new client relations with the powerful partnerships to build credibility with the Sweepstakes business 

- Acquiring 22 new businesses in less than 12 months to grow "Sweepstakes" players within the Shop Your Way(R) platform, allowing Shop Your Way to collect additional customer data (behavioral)  to build better 1:1 customer relationships with the brands they know, love and trust.

This increase in B2B business allowed the Sweepstakes platform to grow from 1,200 players to 3,200,000 in less than 24 months  


- 1st Co-branded Sweeps on TLC/Kmart/Shop Your Way 

- 1st (car winner) brought to you by the Nissan LEAF

- GMC Acadia White Hot Winter Sweepstakes 


Maintained key business objectives and goals across all 15 subsidiaries. Worked with procurement on requests for proposals and approvals of new business ventures which complemented Sears’ and Kmart’s value props in the appliance, apparel & the food & drug categories.


  • Oversaw all seasonal campaigns and met directly with senior leadership to present new ideas and promotions to increase brand consideration.  

  • Led national marketing campaigns and talent contracts for Sears, Kmart, Kenmore, and Craftsman’s with top celebrities including Adam Levine, John Cena, Nick Manaj, and the Kardashians.

  • Oversaw all co-branding sponsorships distributed through national networks including the NFL, NBA, Discovery-Scripps, Warner Bros, Univision, Telemundo & Clear Channel.

  • Effectively analyzed, monitored, and measured over 20 digital, traditional and broadcast campaigns.  

 Marketing Lead

$20,000,000 major movie promo  


- Objective: Consideration Campaign 

- One of (3) project management leads for the MAN OF STEEL movie activation 


Responsibilities included:  on-site product placement and 3D CGI support,  licensing agreements with Warner Brothers & Sears Holdings, maintaining the brand integrity across all major major marketing digital channels (i.e. home page), in-store associate training  at POS & signage  for 1,200 stores,   sweepstakes integration, online promotion integration for whole house offers,  data collection (marketing) &  day-to-day execution  

- Target: MASS MARKETING - Warner Brothers/DC Comics Fans 

Examples to the LEFT: 

- Co-branded Activation (Sears & Warner Brothers) 

- 18 month activation 

Survivor .jpg

Pioneered the 1st User Generated Casting Call - America's Pick  Sears' Jimmy T on CBS Survivor within a $4,200,000 budget 

- Objective: Retention strategy to continue to engage with Sears' survivor fans with the 1st online casting call approved by the Mark Burnett /CBS team 

- Responsible the entire campaign and strategy, submitted ideas to CBS/Mark Burnett team for approvals, managed all Sears/CBS legal  approvals, designed the infrastructure with the Sears/CBS engineering team, marketed the campaign with CBS/Sears PR, Digital and Social teams  across CBS and Sears' owned marketing channels, designed the gaming elements for the co-branded online game 

- Target: CBS Survivor Fans  

Examples to the LEFT: 

- Co-branded Activation (PR Video)

- Ad Age Survivor Article 

- Co-branded Sears/Survivor Video Game 



- 4,300 videos submitted by fans 

- 64,000 voted on America's favorite (Jimmy T) 

- 24,000 Unique Players (Sears / Survivor Online Game) 

- $4,200,000 incremental revenue (Digital Clicks) 

- $3,700,000 in-store revenue captured (estimated)

- Positive PR  - Jimmy T was known as Sears Winner

- GRP rating 120: 48 | 48% of our target (up 2% YOY) 


Maintained aspects of marketing initiatives utilizing email campaigns to improve user engagement, retention, and customer lifetime values. Automated campaign solutions to meet client business metrics. Measured monthly marketing results and executed trigger email campaigns to increase brand awareness.


  • Instrumental in the design and deployment of an email campaign that reached approximately 40M customers associated with both the parent company and subsidiaries.

  • Managed various marketing and creative agencies including:  Responsys, Cheetah Mail, Y&R, Havas, Vibes, Whitman Hart, and Ogilvy, to develop a full agency campaigns. 

Spearheaded the Sears Wheel of Fortune Holiday Campaigns with a yearly budget of $3,200,000 - $5,000,000 

- Objective: Retention strategy to continue to engage with Sears fans who watch Wheel of Fortune 

- Responsible for the 2008 - 2010 Wheel of Fortune Holiday online activations which include: on-air and product placement, logo lock-up and design work, legal approvals with Sony, strategy to develop NEW user-experiences online,  in-store activation, lead up to 11 (marketing) channel teams across Sears,, and Sears' social pages for execution 

- Target: Wheel of Fortune /Sears Shoppers,  aged 65+ 

- Channels: Broadcast activation, PR, Display/Rich Media and Takeover Ads, Video, .com, SEM, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, OOH, and in-store signage 

Examples to the LEFT: 

- Co-branded Activation 

Seasonal Metrics (Avg) 

- $5,200,000 incremental revenue (online/offline) 

- 1,000,000+ Clicks from WOF to (Q4) 

- 2,400,000 Clicks from Co-branded Owned Assets 

A Key Support Role for the 1st Spanish original video series Madres y CoMadres

 activation on Kmart's You Tube Channel  

- Objective: Engage "Moms" who 2nd language is Spanish to drive sales for Kmart and 

- Target: Mom's with children under 18 who have a Hispanic origin: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, etc. who 2nd language is Spanish 

- Responsible for executing the online activation on You Tube working with site engineers and the UX teams, co-branding marketing support across Telmundo, Univision and the Cristina Saralegui Kmart softlines brand, the marketing mix, and day to day execution 


- Supportive role to create the content, content translations, & casting including SAG licensing agreements with Meredith Publishing 

Example to the LEFT: Finished Product 


- 5,600,000 impressions across 11 videos 

- 2,000,000+  video views

- 130,000 video shares 

- $1,900,000 incremental sales at Kmart &


meal systems

Provided marketing support for a  prepackaged food retailer's top client, the Chicago Public School district. 


2006 - 2007 

Marketing Coordinator, Preferred Meal Systems, Berkley, IL                                                

  • Designed weekly student school menus with nutritional information & fun content for children

  • Consulted with print/online vendors to keep quality high and costs low 

  • Conducted food tasting focus groups for students while adhering to COPPA, FDA and CPA regulations 

  • Collected data and shared focus group findings with marketing and executive staff to assist in key decisions 




Assisted an international start-up  focusing on auto emissions  & manufacturing  


Marketing Coordinator Applus Technologies, Chicago, IL                                                           

  • Focused on B2B efforts to procure new clients within the government/privately owned emissions testing realm 

  • Drafted pitch decks while adhering to state regulated EPA standards

  • Project managed short and long term marketing tasks in Gantt/Visio software 

  • Coordinated complex logistics for international trade shows to showcase the latest technology developments 

(Natl Center on Physical Activity & Disability)

Guided a University of Illinois hospital affiliate with web design, JAVA coding & analytics to support cause marketing efforts for the physically/mentally disabled 




Graphic Designer/Coder , NCPAAD (Natl Center on Physical Activity & Disability), Chicago, IL    

  • Maintained  website with "real" photography & white papers on the effects of exercise on patients with disabilities 

  • Supported frequent website updates and code changes in  A+, C+, HTML,  and Java 

  • Pulled data from Visual Basic/SQL & submitted to the marketing teams for analysis 

  • Used CRM tools to  measure results from recent marketing efforts & provided an analysis on marketing optimizations


Scrum Alliance, Chicago IL

Certified SCRUM Master, 02/17


Project Management Institute, Chicago, IL

Change/Business Management Certificates, 10/07


Quality Associates International, Downers Grove, IL

Six Sigma White Belt Level 2, 03/06



Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO
Executive MBA, 11/06

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Science, Marketing/Management, 12/04


College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL
Associate of Arts, Multi Media/Graphic design, 08/01

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